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Crove is a document workflow automation tool.

How Crove Helps

Crove is a SaaS solution which assists Law firms, Accountancy firms, and Lending firms to draft documents quickly without errors.

These industries are plagued by errors and their paperwork is time consuming. We save upto 90% of their document drafting time which goes in collecting client information, adding and removing paragraphs as per the case requirements, doing mathematical calculations, copy pasting data from excel or email into multiple templates, sending follow up reminders, and receiving legally compliant signatures.

Now there are many tools available trying to do the same job but they all fail at one point. They are not made for ease of use. You need to build your templates separately, then build a form, and then learn to integrate them to get up and running.

Whereas, Crove makes all of it super easy and also handle the nitty gritty of highly complex legal documents.

We've made it easier to build document workflows

See how Crovers from 150+ countries have got back time in their life by automating manual document processes.
"I run a recruitment firm & I was looking for a tool that can simplify my documentation workflow; finally, I found Crove which helps me in my day-to-day operations; I am pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and effectiveness of Crove with lots of customization and the support of logical conditions."
Gursharan Singh
"Crove has helped streamline all my legal processes, which before had to be done all manually. As a solo entrepreneur, I have saved tons of time creating a template for the different stakeholders that I work with, making their templates are lifesaver 😊"
Edu Cifre
United Kingdom
"I love Crove. It makes it possible for me to automate complicated business documents with just a few clicks. It also saves me so much time because I can create templates that are always up to date with my latest changes. I have more time to focus on my business and less time on paperwork."
Tony Choi
United States
"I needed a tool that would allow me to easily create highly complex legal templates for my law firm. Crove clearly was the perfect solution for this. The ability to add calculations, displaying and hiding paragraphs with conditions really fit my law firm's needs. The customer service is great, they will even help set up your templates!"
Nicole Hull-Esquire
United States
"I started Crove to automatically generate contracts when a new client is ready to work with me and to generate a certificate once someone has completed my coaching program. Now that I've seen the flexibility and automation that Crove offers, my mind is flooded with possibilities for things I can automate and streamline!"
Seth Davis
United States
"Crove is an awesome eSign and document automation tool for any small business. I can sign documents, send them to clients, and save time. The document automation and form builder are very powerful and work great for setting up repetitive documents like contracts."
United States
"I literally stopped using Word and Excel for my doc creation. Crove automatically does the process of generating and sending those for me now. It's an extremely helpful tool with a great support team!"
WP Manic
"Been using Crove to generate reports for my clients. I am using different personalized background images, then adding the data with Crove variables. What an excellent tool! Now I just need to add the data, and I have a final document ready to send to the client."
Mirela Fioresy
"We use Crove to automate my quotes, invoices, and brochures as I want my team to move away from drudgery and focus on bringing in revenue."
Mohd Shahnawaz
United Arab Emirates

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