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Updated October 13, 2021


Welcome to Crove Inc.

Crove Inc. (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates https://crove.app/ (hereinafter referred to as “Service”).

Our Privacy Policy governs your visit to https://crove.app/ , and explains how we collect, safeguard and disclose information that results from your use of our Service.

We use your data to provide and improve Service. By using Service, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy. Unless otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy, the terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings as in our Terms and Conditions.

Our Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) govern all use of our Service and together with the Privacy Policy constitutes your agreement with us (“agreement”). If you do not accept this Privacy Policy and/or do not meet and/or comply with the provisions set forth herein, then you should not use our Website.

Age Restriction

Some of our products may have an age restriction and in some countries, if you are under the age of eighteen years then use of our products in your territory mandates for you to share these terms of service with your legal guardian or parent.

If you are a legal guardian or parent and any misuse of these products is your responsibility

Using our Products and Services

We have developed or are in the process of developing several other products, therefore, new products may be introduced and old discontinued modified or enhanced. We reserve the right to alter these terms of service at any time and you will be notified each time we make changes to these services.

Billing, Subscription and Payments

Most of our Product(s) are offered as a service and may attract subscription fees and we reserve the right to change the payment method, structure, frequency and the amount for a service or the use of our product that includes the subscription plans but not limited to that only.

If you have opted for auto-renewal you will be charged automatically through the payment option selected by you.

We reserve the right to refuse to provide service to you for any product without any reason. You may be eligible for a refund of any credit in your account.

The Authenticity of Information Through our Product(s) or Service(s)

Some of Our products depend on third-party data, sources of information, policies, formats, procedure and information, if any loss is suffered while using our services we take no liability of such losses or damages.

Intellectual Property Rights

Any content that you create on our system is your content, however, if it violates the intellectual property rights of our authors or contributors we reserve the right to remove your content.

Any content created on our site by you where you have agreed to receive any remuneration or reward is not your content and you have no right to claim it as your intellectual property.

Any template or information you receive does not transfer the Intellectual property rights to you in any manner.

All logos and registered trademarks used by Crove or any third party are the intellectual property of the respective legal entity.

Product(s) Policies & Restriction(s)

In our endeavour to ensure that our products are used in a positive manner, the following product policies are essential to abide by.

Illegal Activities and Valance

Freedom of speed is every human’s birthright according to us, and it’s absolutely alright to express your views however we forbid our products to be used to spread violence in any manner. We may take down any content we feel is promoting violence against any person, community, nation or animal or is spreading misleading information or promoting illegal activity.

We may cancel your subscription without any refund if we feel you may be using our system for illegal purposes and not in accordance with the law of the land or for abusing, including child abuse, harassing threatening to harm other people or animals, threaten a country a community or certain group of people, individual, or to propagate others to act in any manner not in accordance with our terms of use or the government laws.

Copyright Violations

We will urge you to be creative and avoid any copyright infringement without proper authorisation. We will respond to any complaint made to us directly or indirectly and request you to remove such content. We reserve the right to take down any such content which may be in violation of the copyright of others.

Communication with you

In connection with the services offered to you, we may contact you via SMS, Email, telephone calls, push notifications or other forms of communications. By way of these terms you are authorising us to do so, and we reserve the right till you consciously opt-out of it. However, some critical information may still be communicated to you like OTP (One Time Passwords) or an email in response to a forgotten password, but may not be limited to these forms of communications only.

Contacting us

For questions or complaints, please contact us at: help@crove.app or Crove Inc registered office at REAL CRAFT TECH PRIVATE LIMITED # 3355, 2nd Floor, SECTOR 37-D, CHANDIGARH - 160036, INDIA