10 Best Legal Document Automation Software For 2023

Legal document automation tools like Crove, Litify, and ContractZen streamline law firms' document management, saving time and minimizing errors.
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November 20, 2023
10 Best Legal Document Automation Software For 2023
10 Best Legal Document Automation Software For 2023


Law firms used to handle lots of documents every single day. So, here is the list of legal document automation tools.

Nowadays, law firms used to handle lots of documents every single day. Storage of files and quick retrieval is the major issue that legal firms used to face. Legal document automation and management software helps to cut down the hassle and increase productivity.

So, here is the list of legal document automation tools that you can use to automate your legal documents quickly and easily:

1. Crove

Do you want to use a legal document automation tool that is available free of cost? If yes, then choose Crove. It is a tool that offers you everything that you need to automate and design for all your legal documents.

With Crove, you can automate all your legal documents with the help of its rich document’s editor, on which you can add logical conditions, add variables, use electronic signatures, and excel formulas to automate any kind of legal document.

Using the Crove rich document editor, you can easily eliminate some of the redundant tools by centralizing your legal document automation workflows within Crove.

Crove supports integration with 3000+ applications using the WebHooks, APIs, Zapier, which makes it powerful legal document automation and generation tool for legal businesses of all scales.

Crove’s multi-step forms that react to user’s input along with the integrations with 3000+ apps using Zapier, API, and Webhooks make it a powerful document generation tool for businesses of all scales.

2. Litify

If you are looking to manage your entire legal document automation, then you can look for Litify. With the help of this tool, you can have access to all the functionality with seamless integration that helps to connect the tools you really rely on in one place. The salient features include reporting, marketing, client communication tools, task management, matter management, document management etc.

Litify also provides a number of additional useful features along the conversion path. Law firms can use built-in questionnaires or create new ones to distribute to external sources such as websites and landing (conversion) pages. Workflows and automations are also supported by Litify. This means that, unless and until you prefer human intervention, automated marketing triggers can replace manual lead follow-up. Nowadays, a CRM isn’t considered a CRM unless it includes marketing automation capabilities. As a result, finding a way to sift through leads with minimal effort has become a critical software feature, particularly for high-volume law firms.

3. TextExpander

TextExpander is a tool that is used by legal firms to legal document automation and create shortcut keys for frequently used content. It is the best tool for a law firm that is looking for efficiency and productivity by speeding up the process of typing up the same content quickly. The new feature in this tool helps the attorneys to control the format and tone of all the documents and correspondence leaving the office.

TextExpander helps create macros that rapidly produce small snippets or extremely large text passages. These macros termed “snippets” by TextExpander serve as the critical components of their automation solution. It takes time to get your head around what’s possible, but it’s well worth the effort. TextExpander training is indeed an investment that pays big dividends daily. But it’s about more than just saving time. It’s about several things, including making it easier to create better documents. It is also about discovering new automation opportunities.

This tool has a 30-day free trial period, after which the user can choose the pricing on the basis of their requirement.

4. ContractZen

ContractZen is a legal document automation tool that is easy to use and also helps to secure legal document automation and management tool. With this tool, the user would be able to find the documents on an immediate basis with the help of Microsoft AI-supported search, import contracts by simply sending an email and even stop worrying about essential due dates with the help of automated reminders.

Using the ContractZen, meeting contracts and some other documents can be signed with e-signatures, with the same validity and enforceability as traditionally signed documents.

You can send automated email reminders, and all contracts can be viewed in the contract calendar. Files can be imported by drag and dropping them into the system or by emailing docs directly to the ContractZen cloud computing.

The secret sauce behind their service is cutting-edge technologies combined with ease of use. ContractZen is a ground-breaking all-in-one cloud-based service for improved corporate governance. Their service (much lesser than the alternate solutions) offers a board portal that is all-digital, simple and secure electronic signatures, metadata-driven contract management, and built-in data rooms.

Their solution helps CEOs from across the globe to enhance operational efficiency, compliance, and corporate governance. In addition, they make it simpler for businesses (of all sizes) to become due diligence daily.

5. OpenKM

OpenKM is a great legal document automation and management software that is used by organizations that explain the technical aspects of its solutions to customers.

Apart from document management and automation, the tool can be deployed in all essential business processes of your law firm. It means that all the wills and attorneys can track their document workflow at all cycles and ensure total file security. Furthermore, this tool can also help to monitor compliance with popular established legislative requirements and needs.

Some of the unique features of this tool are a contribution to corporate values, document restoring, signature options etc.

The software allows you to reduce tasks while increasing efficiency. As a result, you can complete successful projects in less time and with fewer resources.

For example, OpenKM automatically categorizes your company’s documents based on various classifications. This method eliminates the need to sort files manually. In practice, you can have organized data in seconds.

This program allows your employees to work together. It allows for feedback and suggestions on current projects. The system also enables seamless file sharing among team members.

You can easily assign tasks to employees using OpenKM. Furthermore, the program allows for real-time monitoring of duties, such as to-do list deadlines. As a result, OpenKM promotes accountability, which boosts employee productivity.

6. HotDocs

HotDocs is a legal document automation tool for document assembly that allows law firms to increase their productivity and efficiency by simply automating the creation of the daily routine documents. This tool helps to turn the frequently used documents such as intake forms and contracts into reusable templates. It is the oldest tool in the market and is well known in the legal community.

This tool helps to construct the document templates to ensure that all users use the latest and recent compliant version of your document. This tool also makes sure that all the assembled documents comply with the internal brand guidelines and protect against the legal issues stemming from inaccurate and non-compliant content.

It helps to create dynamic interviews that give users all the relevant questions and even guide them as they go forward. Automate packages of the legal documents for your clients, which include the loan, attorneys, wills, construction contracts, security documents, court documents, employment documents etc. Save time and effort with the HotDocs and get 100% accurate and consistent results too.

With HotDocs, you can draft various types of letters and documents by just giving some of the specific case information. Once that has been done, the tool keeps those answers stored in their database so that you can generate more documents for the same case quicker and easier as well. So that you don’t need to draft those documents and letters from scratch again and again.


App4legal is a law practice automation and management solution that is designed for wills, attorneys, paralegals, assistants and managers. The products help to cater to both the law firms and in-house legal departments. It offers corporate law, contact management, time tracking, document management tool, task management and money management capabilities. Using this tool, lawyers would be able to manage their law contact and firm legal data as well.

App4legal has a customer portal that allows the legal contracts, wills and attorneys to delegate tasks within their team, schedule events, communicate with clients, and even share their calendars and manage their dashboards and reports too. This is a cloud-based legal document automation software with which users can manage invoices, track the time spent on each case and record expenses. The product is available to use on both the cloud-based deployment and on-premise options and offers integrations with the different CMS and outlook too.

8. LexWorkplace

LexWorkplace is a matter centric legal document automation tool for law firms that is cloud-based. It is the first and only document management platform that supports both Mac and Windows.

This tool will help to keep your documents indexed and searchable; notes and emails are organized by matter. LexWorkplace includes powerful search, document versioning, email integration, and document profiling and tagging. It is available to use on the cloud-based. Thus, there is no software required to install, nor are any on-premise servers needed.

All the data which is being stored in LexWorkplace is protected and secured by the 2FA authentication, data encryption in transit and at rest and by the geographically redundant data centres.

9. Logikcull

Logikcuul helps to automate the legal document automation and management process through better data management, e-discovery and cloud-based toolkits. It helps to automate legal documents and data management for investigations and litigation.

Logickcull’s main advantage is that it helps you streamline your workflow. It saves time, which speeds up investigations and litigation. Not only that, but because it is hosted in the cloud, Logickull also reduces storage costs. It is a robust cloud-based eDiscovery tool for businesses and law firms.

Logikcull’s functionalities can benefit legal teams of all sizes. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, they can efficiently search, organize, and collaborate on documents for their discovery needs. This, too, is accessible and executable from anywhere. The file types that Logickcull supports are MS Outlook email databases, MS Office files, and many more.

10. Rocket Matter

Rock Matter is a high-powered legal document automation tool for all of your case management requirements. This tool has both the mobile and desktop version that follows all the industry-standard security protocols.

Rocket Matter provides law firms and lawyers with a complete solution that simplifies corporate law governance. It includes all the necessary tools for creating matters, uploading and combining documents, maintaining a sense of time, creating tasks, and creating elaborate calendars.

Rocket Matter is intended to be simple and has an easy-to-use interface. It makes basic legal tasks like appointment scheduling and constructing tasks easier. Furthermore, users can rank the tasks they created based on their importance and urgency and allocate them to other lawyers in the corporation. Customer payment and recordkeeping are simplified as well. Having to learn how to use the system is not a problem because the vendor provides ample user training weekly.

Rocket Matter also includes a stopwatch-like feature that allows users to precisely measure the quantity of time they consumed on a specific task. This can help you increase your productivity. Once the task is completed, users can stop the timer and designate the time spent on a topic.

The software includes an email synchronization feature with an IMAP email address, making email organization a breeze. Users can easily organize their matter-specific emails by creating folders. You can save the email you obtained by moving it to a specific folder.

This tool is good for the small firms who want to grow and is also useful for those small firms who are looking for help.

Legal Document Automation Benefits to Understand

1. It Saves You Immense Amount of Time

With top-notch legal document automation solutions, lawyers produce documents quicker than they could usually. It is much faster to click a button and generate a document than it is to locate a similar document, open it in Word, save a version to the appropriate place, and copy the information you require into that document.

Legal document automation solutions connect to a CRM or database program and spit out duplicates of your legal papers, rapidly combining them with the data in your directory. So, if you’re already storing your client’s docket number, address, and beneficiary information, you can immediately make a new form with all that information inserted in the appropriate fields.

2. Reduces Errors by Notches

The consequences of error are one of the most serious issues in both software and legal services. So we go to lengths to avoid making mistakes.

Once you have multiple versions and copies of something, you create situations where errors can easily spread. To make matters worse, you may discover an error and correct it in one place and not in another.

Furthermore, when you don’t automate document creation and instead manually copy fields from a database to a document, you risk introducing human error and messing up your new doc. When this manual step is replaced with a computer-driven merge process, the probability of error in the data transfer stage is eliminated.

3. It Makes Life Easier

In case you’re not leveraging a legal document automation solution, you’re probably looking through related or sample documents for something to use in your new draft. That requires effort and can be a real pain. Not to mention, if you accept the science behind decision fatigue, you’re eroding your willpower by constantly looking for sample documents and data to scoop into them.

Rather than constantly searching for documents, producing new official documents based on your specified formats eliminates the time-consuming process of locating these samples and the required information for them. It’s a one-step method, not a series of steps, and it rests your neurons and synapses.

4. Enables Lawyers to Perform and Present High-Value Work

You can devote more time to practicing law and serving your clients if you spend less time on administrative tasks. Furthermore, lawyers cater to client pricing demands, thanks to legal document automation solutions, without hampering profitability. Lawyers can then charge flat fees or reduced rates without incurring financial losses. In addition, lawyers can help attract fresh clients and drive further business from existing clientele by utilizing document automation in accordance with online client intake. It truly is a definite plus for all parties involved.


To conclude, we have seen the top legal document automation solutions and we’ve also successfully understood the benefit of leveraging a top-notch legal document automation solution. Crove is an all-in-on solution that takes important elements from each solution and provides users with one single power-packed tool to ensure you don’t need to constantly switch solutions just due to different needs and requirements. Document automation and generation are a cake walk with Crove, and you’ll understand this through first-hand experience. Signup today at our site and explore the solution for yourself!


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