5 Creative Business Proposal Ideas for Better Sales in 2023

Explore 5 impactful business proposal ideas that enhance sales growth, understand their crucial elements, and utilize Crove's automated proposal software for efficient and compelling proposals that elevate business success.
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November 20, 2023
5 Creative Business Proposal Ideas for Better Sales in 2023
5 Creative Business Proposal Ideas for Better Sales in 2023


The 5 Business Proposal Ideas we discuss today will help your business grow drastically both in terms of revenue and profits because each of them.

The qualities of a great business proposal are that it helps your brand stand out and become memorable. In addition, it mostly closes deals by offering the potential clients a better and more compelling offer as compared to the competitors out there. That is the reason business proposal ideas are of immense importance.

Thus, it becomes vital for a business proposal to have every possible important detail within it and also include a highly attractive proposal design and copy. Have you been wondering how to close more sales and grab hold of many clients? We got you covered. We have handpicked five practical business proposal ideas that will support you in growing your business sales in 2022.

5 Business Proposal Ideas Which You Must Implement

1. Your proposal must have an outline The very first task you need to initiate is to create a structured outline for your proposal, keeping aside the number of proposals created. An outline will assist you with getting clear on the thing you’re offering to the client. It’ll likewise assist you in making a design that will introduce all the required information logically.

Ensure that the following sections are present since they are a must-have:

  • To explain the proposal, an introduction
  • Problems of your customers
  • The solution that you propose
  • Case studies to prove your experience and success rate
  • The cost that the project will incur
  • Steps to be followed to get things started

To make the potential audience understand why you would be a perfect fit and how you would help them, outlining your proposal and further structuring it should be a mandatory step.

2: Calls-to-Action (CTA) must have a creative touch A great business proposal will always have a call-to-action or CTA at the end. A call-to-action is the ideal approach towards inviting the potential audience to get on the next step towards getting started on their projects.

If your CTA does not stand out from the rest of the content of your proposal, you are not doing a good job. You may leverage colored background or text to facilitate the process.

With color, the text of your CTA is as important. You cannot be dependent on just one variable. Rather than being generic and using stuff such as “Get in Touch with Us” and “Call Now”, try adding a pinch of personality and creativity by using texts such as “Take Action” and “Let’s Do This”.

The examples mentioned tend to act more potent because of the usage of action words. Additionally, they send out a sense of urgency that leads to your customer getting inclined to act.

3: The proposal must contain an expiration date

Business2Community published research that states when a thing is scarce, it tends to be highly valued. The same psychology has to be applied to your business proposal. An ideal case to add the point of scarcity is to make your proposal valid or available only up to a specific date after which it should get expired.

For instance, you may add that you are offering the product at a certain amount only upto a specified date, after which that pricing won’t be available. Therefore, they should grab this opportunity before it goes away. Another good practice would be to send them a follow-up a day or two before the offer expires to excite them more towards the offer. A major benefit of adding an expiration date to a proposal is to avoid waiting for an indefinite period to hear back from them.
4: Add-on items should be included

If not implemented yet, follow this practice to include add-on items in your proposal from today onwards. A good reason behind this is to make your client aware of every product offering you have in store for them, which might increase the chances for a profit.

To explain further, if you are producing a web design proposal, you might want to have add-on items such as a design package for social media graphics or logo design. If you are wearing a copywriter’s hat and sending a proposal for a sales page copy, a sales sequence or monthly email campaigns as add-ons would be perfect.

Lastly, the reason behind having add-on services included in your proposal is to provide your client with an opportunity to take the next step on their project. Also, you bring in more cash without bringing in more clients.

5: The decision should be a no-brainer The most important part of a proposal is to ensure that the decision that the client has to make after going through it should be a no-brainer. Keep it so uncomplicated and attractive with benefits that the decision to hire you becomes a simple and easy one.

For starters, you may cut down the options and packages you might offer in your proposal so as to not confuse the client. It is researched that when clients are presented with three or more choices, it leads to decision paralysis.

When you create a comparison checklist between your product and the biggest competitor out there, you indirectly make it very easy for the customer to make a decision. Finally, it would pay off to let the client know through a clear outline at the end of the proposal about the next steps they must take to get the project started.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Proposal Ideas

Q1: What is the difference between a business plan and a business proposal?

A: Business plans are structured frameworks that aid in capturing the importance of strategy for a brand new business idea. At the same time, a business proposal is a document that we leverage for a particular project or work type. A business proposal sometimes pitches an entirely new business, whereas a plan is a framework we follow to execute and achieve success in it. Therefore, you mustn’t position your business proposal as a business plan instead.

Q2: What is the follow-up process after providing a proposal?

A: Your proposal is a weapon aimed at eliminating other potential businesses, helping you put your best foot forward, and supporting you in building a successful business. The most critical intangible aspect in the business world is building a relationship and gravitas. You should follow the process of sending a “Thank you” as a mark of valuing your client’s time. It is going to help for sure.

Q3: How to deliver a great proposal in person?

A: Speaking in public is still an attribute that terrifies most people. However, you must develop public speaking skills if you wish your marketing proposal ideas to shimmer. Take time to practice but master presentation skills, and you will feel the difference later on.

Crove – Your One-Stop Solution for All Business Proposal Ideas

Crove is the number one document and proposal generation software. With Crove, most of your time will be handling the business processes and facing customers thanks to the automation features it offers. You focus on your business proposal ideas and we make it a reality.

It has a robust and rich editor to create and automate a bunch of proposals with high document generation limits. Instead of adding just plain text fields in your proposal (like most others out there), Crove lets you add Excel formulas and logical conditions which leads to the creation of dynamic proposal templates as well as product price calculations within the proposal or document.

To have an overall understanding of Crove and what we do, it is best if you experience it first-hand. You can sign up on Crove and explore all options our there. We even have our blog and YouTube section to guide you through this journey. It will make it a lot simpler for you to explore and understand how we would help automate and build great business proposal ideas for your business.


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