Authentisign vs DocuSign: Which One Should You Choose?

Compare Authentisign and DocuSign to find the best solution for your business in 2023. Learn about features, and benefits, and choose wisely.
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November 20, 2023
Authentisign vs DocuSign: Which One Should You Choose?
Authentisign vs DocuSign: Which One Should You Choose?


Compare Authentisign and DocuSign to find the best solution for your business needs in 2023. Read on to learn about features, benefits and make an informed decision.

Authentisign vs DocuSign: The requirement for eSignatures and virtual contracts skyrocketed with the advent of the COVID pandemic when companies shifted to remote work. Authentisign and DocuSign are two big players in the eSignature sector. Thanks to their one-of-a-kind features and positive user reviews, most enterprises come to an impasse when a decision needs to be made.

Should you also join this list of these businesses and be at a standstill, we’ll discuss, in detail, these two solutions, and compare them based on features, price, and security measures. This blog will also aim at educating you on how Crove is the best Authentisign vs DocuSign alternative for these solutions that are highly expensive and limited with features at each plan, except for the highest plan.

Authentisign vs DocuSign: A Brief Introduction

Authentisign For all those readers who are not aware of this, the enterprise Instanet Solutions is the owner of the Authentisign solution. It is a Canadian enterprise that has true expertise in building products for the real estate sector. A good and bad thing about Authentisign is that it is entirely browser-based, and users can operate it on any device with a proper internet connection. The solution is user-friendly, and today the company boasts loyal clients of 270,000+ agents.

DocuSign Considered to be amongst the top fastest developing businesses in the eSignature sector, Document enjoys millions of clients and million more signers. Founded and incorporated in the USA, DocuSign is compliant with every principal act and regulation. This includes US ESIGN Act, eIDAS regulation, and many others. Additionally, like Authentisign, it is highly compatible with multiple devices. Next, in Authentisign vs DocuSign, we see a comparison table for a short differentiation.

Authentisign vs DocuSign: A Comparison Table

FactorsDocuSignAuthentisignPrice (annual)$120 – $480$69 – $99User Review4.7/54.34/5Support PointsTicket, chat, phoneChat & phone – Instanet Solutions.Device CompatibilityOnline; Mobile apps – iOS and Android.Web browser or mobile device.Free TrialFree trial for 30 days.Free trial for 30 days.

Now, after looking at a brief Authentisign vs DocuSign comparison table, we shall understand further differences with regards to their features, pricing models, and their security measures.

Authentisign vs DocuSign: Features


Document creation

With more than 1,000,000 documents produced day to day, DocuSign offers super present-day features that permit clients to create, edit, and convert documents effortlessly.

You can utilize more than 20+ tags and fields to tweak and alter your document. Close by this, you can likewise draw your signatures, add comments on documents, supplement documents, or convert them per your prerequisites — the potential outcomes are huge.

Maybe the most critical element in this section is cloud storage integration, which permits clients to recover documents from Onedrive, Salesforce, Box, eOriginal, and probably the best cloud servers on the planet.

Data fields

DocuSign permits you to cut time from your interaction by seamlessly permitting data fields’ integration. This capacity of DocuSign gives the clients full structure usefulness while likewise permitting them to link third-party data fields.

“Data field” from DocuSign has progressed approval abilities, which is reflected in the manner in which it inputs every one of the data fields without expecting you to type in everything about each contract physically.

Signing workflow

No document with DocuSign is finished without the appropriate signing workflow.

This implies that you can add quite a few signers, send contracts in bulk, assign various consents and jobs, modify the grouping, and accomplish such a great deal more. One more valuable component: clients can set up updates and notices to get continuous updates.

Signer verification

We at long last land on the subject of security, which maybe takes the most noteworthy need in the client’s brains with regards to solutions.

DocuSign steers amazing steps toward this path by making many layers of security and data before permitting you to sign any documents, guaranteeing that the signatures are rarely forged.

Let’s understand some of its security measures:

  • OTPs for every SMS authentication
  • Verification of Personal ID
  • Email Authentication processes
  • Leveraging knowledge-based questions for authentication purposes
  • Authentication through federated indemnity


Can we be real — with software integration like this, signing isn’t merely an interaction, it ought to be an experience. With configurable and flexible choices, DocuSign permits the greatest assurance to the end client with the most insignificant measure of commitment.

Different choices like disconnected signing (which can be an aid when you land yourself in unforeseen circumstances), mobile applications, and SMS refreshes are accessible at the tip of your fingers. We must hand it out to DocuSign for its constant endeavor to stick to the ADA and Section 508 standards. ADA is the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Documents Customization

Similar to DocuSign, there’s an option for customization with Authentisign. Nonetheless, the deal options might be marginally limited in comparison.

For instance, DocuSign offers features like creating, editing and converting documents. On the other hand, Authentisign permits you to eliminate or pivot pages from a document.

Nonetheless, similar to DocuSign, its interaction is additionally wholly automated, and this will assist you with eliminating any manual errors that come in your direction. Furthermore, the software further upholds multiple languages like English, French, and Spanish.

Document Layouts

It’s an understatement when someone says that Authentisign works well with multiple document layouts.

The software upholds PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG to make your whole cycle flawlessly streaming and as simple as could be expected.

Sadly, at the hour of the article’s publication, the software couldn’t uphold zipForm editions, however, according to organization updates, the overhauled version of Authentisign will want to help this document style from 2022 forward.

Menu choices that are accessible

It’s a well-known fact that Authentisign has plenty of features. Notwithstanding, its most redeeming feature is the right-hand button which permits simple openness to all critical tools, tags, and so forth across the board.

Discussing openness, once you send a welcome to your client to sign a document, it likewise directs them through the whole course of signing and saving the signatures.

Security measures

On the off chance that there’s one thing that Authentisign can genuinely pride itself on, it is the number of security features that it offers.

The whole course of security options is thorough; the following are a couple of reasons why their product stands apart amongst the rest: ESIGN compliant, FHA and Fannie Mae Approved, Tamper Security Proof Technology, Document Encryption, private keys in HSM, and — all the more significantly — signature certificates gave by the Certification Authority for each signing.

Authentisign vs DocuSign: Security


The data, which is sent by the Authentisign application, is hosted by its owner, Instanet Solutions, in the data center, which is Tier Iv SSAE-16 Type II certified. So, in simple terms, what I mean is you receive total protection from problems like power cuts, hurricanes, and various other disaster threats. The company also has repetitious internet connections and backup generators to ensure there are no service interruptions and the solution keeps running.

Not just this, but to ensure higher-level security and safety, Instanet Solutions includes a backup secondary storage center to prevent your information from getting in touch with any potential threats. Furthermore, to protect all data sent on the internet, the connection to Authentisign also leverages SSL.


DocuSign complies with the same security standards as any renowned and standard platform. In addition to leveraging high-level encryption to store data in your data center, the solution upholds SSAE and ISO 27001 certifications. Furthermore, you may see that it’s compliant with every aspect of the eSignature process:

  • To ensure the signer’s identity is successful, leverage multiple authentication forms
  • Cognizant of the recipient’s intention to leverage a digital signature
  • To protect the documents, utilizing various stickers
  • The signer and document being linked to for the signature
  • Receive secure access to DocuSign documents
  • There’s a record of every relevant signature and document action

Next in the Authentisign vs DocuSign comparison, we review pricing models.

Authentisign vs DocuSign: Pricing


Users and visitors can witness various plans and customizations regarding DocuSign, so they can choose a plan which serves their requirements the best. DocuSign has annual and monthly plans at each level. The personal plan price is $15/month for the monthly plan and $10/month ($120 billed annually) for the annual plan.

Then, there are other plans such as Standard and Business Pro. They are also available in both monthly and annual subscriptions. The monthly and annual subscription for the Standard plan is $45/month and $25/month ($300 billed annually). The monthly and annual subscription for the Business Pro plan is $65/month and $40/month ($480 billed annually). To be clear, each pricing plan is based on a per-user quota.


The pricing strategy and method of Authentisign are pretty different from DocuSign. Authentisign has three price points for its packages. First, we see a $69/year range where a user can only leverage Authentisign. Next, there’s the $99/year range where users can utilize both Authentisign and TransactionDesk. Finally, there’s the business plan where the price is not quoted, so you need to ask the support team for all the details. When comparing both the choices, I feel Authentisign is a more economically viable option.

Crove: An affordable alternative to DocuSign and AuthentiSign

In case you’re looking for the best Authentisign vs DocuSign alternative, wherein you get to use a free version to understand the solution and check if it fits your requirements, Crove is the ideal platform for it. It’s currently the best free alternative for document and proposal creation and automation purposes.

Unlike DocuSign and AuthentiSign, you get the option to create a free account with Crove and test out every feature and sync it with your requirements. With a powerful media document editor and integrations with the top software solutions in different industries, Crove is set to revolutionize the way you create, edit, and handle documents. Crove is not known as the ideal Authentisign vs DocuSign alternative for nothing.

Even the eSignature solution helps you get all the necessary signatures and with topline security at no cost. Enough of explanation. Why don’t you try out our solution and check for yourself how it settles down with your expectations? Try out for FREE!


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