Best App to Sign Documents Online: The No. 1 Guide

Find the perfect solution for signing documents online with a comprehensive review of the top 5 apps, including Crove, DocuSign, OneSpan Sign, HelloSign, and PandaDoc, highlighting their features, pricing, and security measures, to help you choose the best fit for your needs.
Document Automation
November 20, 2023
Best App to Sign Documents Online: The No. 1 Guide
Best App to Sign Documents Online: The No. 1 Guide


For all your document needs, we present you an exclusive blog that discusses the Best App to Sign Documents Online. eSignature vs digital signature.

Best App to Sign Documents Online: With technology and innovations constantly evolving, paperwork no longer needs to be done on paper to be legally binding. However, if you wish for the documents to be better enforceable, there are a few more steps. First, you must leverage an eSignature application to insert a digital signature. It is an ideal way to proceed whether you are in search of a way to electronically signed documents that you’ve received or you wish to send documents to be digitally signed by other businesses. We will discuss the best app to sign documents online which includes our top 5.

Best Apps to Sign Documents Online

1: Crove

The most affordable document automation and generation application with the state-of-the-art eSignature solution in the market, Crove aims to make document management and signature process more straightforward than ever by streamlining processes and eradicating mundane tasks, saving time, and enhancing business processes.

Furthermore, since Crove has high-level security encryption and standards, your information can’t be compromised. eSignarute solution by Crove takes care of all documents irrespective of the type and provides safety measures to ensure confidentiality is maintained.

In addition, you get premium features that most solutions offer at the cost of a basic plan. We also offer a free version that helps you understand our solution, explore our features and use them to make all your document-related processes hassle-free. It is indeed best app to sign documents online.

2: DocuSign

One of the most popular solutions in the market, DocuSign remains in the top 3 list when we discuss digital contracts and eSignature solutions. This is an excellent benefit for all users since it ensures that the person on the other end is likely to know about it.

For basic needs, you may proceed with DocuSign’s basic plan. However, if you require an understanding of their other and deep functionalities, you might opt for their premium subscription, which comes at varying prices.

You may even find additional features such as collection of payments, signature drawing, and commenting on a real-time basis. Also, if you wish to get a feel for how everything works, you might opt for the 30-day free trial it provides, which requires no credit card. No wonder, it finds itself as the best app to sign documents online.

3: OneSpan Sign

Speaking of great industry reputation, we certainly cannot leave out OneSpan Sign. As per the reviews I have gone through so far, users prefer OneSpan mainly for security elements and its comprehensive compatibility with other business solutions such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

You may find OneSpan Sign available in Professional and Enterprise plans and opt for a demo to understand specific features. One downside with OneSpan is they do not offer a free or basic plan for you to use and understand before making purchase decisions. However, their Professional plan includes a range of implementation choices, comprehensive security capacities, and ample user limits.

4: HelloSign

Acquired by Dropbox in 2019, HelloSign is a new arrival to the eSignature domain but has captured interests from different parts of the world. The majority of the users explain it to be highly streamlined and sophisticated look-wise.

HelloSign offers a free or basic plan, and more importantly, it has integrations with Google and various other platforms and solutions. If the quantum of documents is not much, you may order eSignatures for free leveraging HelloSign’s basic plan.

To explain a bit about the paid or premium features, they include SSO integration and data storage, along with comprehensive personalization and analytics choices. Developers have a significant benefit here as they can try out HelloSign’s virtual signature integrations with their project before committing.

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5: PandaDoc

While the name sounds too cute to be such a robust and widespread solution, PandaDoc takes efficiency and automation to the next level. Streamlining workflows is the central focus of PandaDoc features.

In addition, it means further availability of integrations with robust systems like Salesforce and versatile free plans. The free version of PandaDoc might provide you with limited functionalities, however, be rest assured there are no limits on signature uploads and requests. Still, if you insist on exploring additional features per your needs or requirements, you may check out their Essentials tier level ($19 per user per month) and Business level ($49 per user per month).

eSignatures Vs. Digital Signatures: Why Choose an App to Sign Documents Online

Definitions matter a lot, just like anything legal. First, you must understand that eSignatures and digital signatures are two different concepts. However, people interchangeably use them without even knowing their meanings, which is not good.

An eSignature or electronic signature includes your drawn, typed, or computer-included signatures on documents or proposals. Leveraging Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word, you can make one on your own. It’s still lawfully restricting, but you could face bad times in a combative court case since anybody could forge it without much of a stretch.

A digital signature is a distinctive electronic signature that utilizes cryptography to safeguard the document and installs subtleties like email addresses, when and where individuals marked any documents, and the chronic number and distinguishing subtleties of the gadget they use to get it done. This makes both a “fingerprint” that makes the document one of a kind and documentation that can be autonomously confirmed.

If there were a court case at any point, it would be significantly more earnestly for anybody to guarantee they weren’t the one to sign the document, in fact. For true purposes, digital signatures are much safer and legitimately perceived all over the planet — and you want a devoted eSign application to add them. An ideal way to find the best app to sign documents online is to see them from your needs’ point of view.

Characteristics of an Ideal App to Sign Documents Online

Ability to insert electronic signature to any document These solutions have only one goal or objective: sign documents. However, not many solutions can make this process easy and simple to do and follow. So, if your choice with one that provides support for various documents and devices and has deeper integrations with other solutions and platforms, you are probably on track.

Ability to have another person access and sign the document Make note that the solution you choose should let you send your document to another person, and they can sign it without any complications or issues. Just like how you want the signing process to be easy and simple, the same should be provided to the opposite party too. Another point to take care of is that the app should not force the recipient to first sign up for an account or install any sort of app to access and sign the document.

Availability for SMEs If you check out the ratio or numbers, the number of SMEs globally is 20 times more than big companies. So ensure that you find an eSign app that provides solutions to SMEs. Another significant benefit of such a solution would be that the charges would be inexpensive because SMEs cannot afford huge costs, so the solutions that offer services to such companies are bound to have excellent price ranges.

Ability to provide ample security features While, initially, you may not hunt for a certain set of features, having a solution that can record sensitive documents that need to be addressed in a certain way is better. Stuff like encrypted or password-protected documents, electronic signature support, and government compliance would be enough to make a choice. However, don’t forget to check that every app you use is at par with the compliance standards of your country, and these usually vary a lot.

Final Words About the Ideal App to Sign Documents Online

If speaking about the best app to sign documents online, the above discussed are the top 4 applications in the market for your signature needs. With Crove, you eradicate all sorts of mundane manual processes and improve productivity and proper security measures.

To know more about us, sign up on our app site and explore the platform to understand better. You may even explore our blog section to know better the kind of services we provide and the industry we belong to. Without automation, businesses will cease to exist in the coming years, and we are just the solution you need for this issue.


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