Streamlining Document Generation for International HR Agency

Case Study: RED. Recruitment - Streamlining Document Generation for International HR Agency
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May 22, 2023
Streamlining Document Generation for International HR Agency
Streamlining Document Generation for International HR Agency


Charanjit Singh
CTO & Co-Founder at Crove


Are you tired of manually creating legal and HR documents for your recruitment agency?

RED. Recruitment was in the same boat until they discovered the magic of! With Crove, RED. Recruitment was able to streamline their document generation process and make it fun and easy for their employees.


RED. Recruitment uses to create a variety of legal and HR documents, including:

  • Agency framework agreement - on client signup
  • Work contracts - tailored to specific country requirements
  • Learning agreements with trainees
  • Certificates of participation in events and trainings

Past Workflow without Crove

Before, RED. Recruitment's document generation process was about as exciting as watching paint dry. They had to collect data manually and create documents using Microsoft Word. Yawn.

Current Workflow with Crove

Thanks to Crove, RED. Recruitment can now automate their document generation process and let employees self-serve and sign using a public link feature.

What RED. Recruitment Likes About Crove

Andrea, a representative from RED. Recruitment, loves's document automation capabilities and ease of use. He's been searching for a solution like Crove for years and is thrilled to have finally found it!


By using, RED. Recruitment has saved time, improved the ease and speed of document generation, and signed over 130 clients in just one year. Plus, they've been able to avoid mistakes and errors. Who said HR documents had to be boring?

Feedback for Crove

RED. Recruitment provided some feedback to on the need for better role management and signature certificates.

Update: Crove has launched their roles feature and signature certificates!


If RED. Recruitment can make HR documents fun and easy with Crove, so can you!

Your company and employees are sure to appreciate the ease and efficiency of using Sign up today and see for yourself!


Charanjit Singh
Charanjit Singh, the Co-founder and CTO of Crove, is a passionate technology enthusiast who enjoys writing about automation, hacks, Django, and JavaScript.

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