Crove as a JotForm alternative – 2023

Crove is an intuitive JotForm alternative offering easy form creation, smart document generation, eSignatures, and seamless collaboration, enhancing productivity and reducing errors for your business.
Document Automation
November 20, 2023
Crove as a JotForm alternative – 2023
Crove as a JotForm alternative – 2023


Find out how Crove stacks up against JotForm in 2023. Explore the features and benefits of this modern alternative and make an informed decision for your business.

Are you looking for JotForm alternative? Crove has all you need to easily create and manage responsive online forms. Crove is a simple-to-use software to increase engagement, capture customer information, and turn it into business documents.

With Crove as your JotForm alternative, you get forms, documents, and signatures all in one platform.

What does Crove offer?

Effortless Collaboration

An effortless way to collaborate with your customers, partners, and employees. Simply create smart templates in Crove using variables, logical conditions, and excel formulas.

Customize the form which Crove automatically connects to your template, and you are good to go.

Simply share your form to collect information from different people and generate documents. You can also collect payments, signatures, files along with your form and collaborate better with Crove as your JotForm alternative.

Logic jumps

Crove is designed with conversation in mind. That is why it is a lot easier to set up conditional logic with Crove.

When users fill in the form, the experience is also a lot more intuitive compared to the classic page-based logic implemented in JotForm.

On top of regular conditional logic available in JotForm, Crove supports excel formulas too in case you want to calculate some fields from the data entered by the recipient.

Support for both PDF and Docx

Crove supports both the PDF and Docx format which is required to automate your document.


Collect digital signatures anywhere and simplify your document workflows with Crove that lets you eSign documents on any device. Now avoid the bottlenecks associated with waiting for signatures. With our digital document signing feature, anyone can eSign documents using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

  • Prep documents for eSignature by dragging and dropping the fields you’d like to use.
  • Collect signatures from prospects and customers by sending documents via email.

## Why will you like Crove as a JotForm alternative?

You can take your business to the next level by improving your team’s productivity because when you use Crove, you will have:

  • Streamlined processes to collect information and turn it into documents.
  • Standardize your documents throughout the organization
  • Less human errors in document generation.
  • Get a wide variety of pre-made templates such as legal, HR, contracts etc.

Go beyond the JotForm PDF builder with a complete platform that lets you accomplish more with your data.

Generate documents

Populate the data you collect in Crove forms into designed documents of any format that can be emailed to clients and coworkers or sent to other applications.

Collect eSignatures

Send generated documents to customers and employees so they can review and sign from the convenience of their computer, phone, or tablet. Ideal software to send everyday HR related documents for HRs.

Software Integrations

Crove integrates with all the popular apps with various integration options like Zapier, Pabbly Connect, Webhooks, and API. You can pull data from your favorite apps and insert it into your documents, collect signatures, collect files, and send the generated document to your preferred destination like Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive, Email, CRM and so much more.

High-Level Support for Every Use Case

At Crove, we pride ourselves on making everything as easy as possible for you. But we also understand that sometimes you can use some help. That is why we also offer document automation services to our users at a very nominal price. Reach out to us at to discuss how we can help you automate your document workflows.

We are always happy to walk you through any issues you are facing with Crove. And we take our time to find detailed answers to all your support questions, no matter how complex they may feel. We help you get started; we guide and advise, not just on our tool, but also on how you can efficiently manage your paperwork-heavy processes.

Oh hey – wait you’re already here. Why not start your first document?

Click here and dive in to make your first ever customized document! I am sure you are going to love using it, and you will be back for more!

Ready to dive in? Sign up for free today.


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