Exit Interview Template: A Powerful Guide to Read in 2023

Learn about exit interviews and their importance in understanding employee experiences and improving workplaces, using Crove's templates and tools to make this process smoother and more insightful.
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November 20, 2023
Exit Interview Template: A Powerful Guide to Read in 2023
Exit Interview Template: A Powerful Guide to Read in 2023


Find the right exit interview template to streamline your process in 2023. Read our powerful guide to learn about the best tools and techniques to conduct effective exit interviews.

Exit interviews are gradually becoming an important part of every organization, irrespective of size and industry. Therefore, every enterprise should aim at leveraging an exit interview template. It will ensure that the entire process is smooth and value-adding, and more importantly, they can receive important data from employees leaving the company. In addition, you can utilize the feedback to find areas for further developing your association’s employee experience. Today’s blog conveys what a compelling exit interview template resembles and why is an exit interview template necessary in the first place.

What is an exit interview?

An exit interview is an opportunity to wrap things up with a leaving employee or someone who’s been fired. It includes asking pointed questions that will disclose the employee’s actual sentiments about the association and why they are withdrawing. Around 75% of organizations hold some form of exit interview.

These insiders will generally offer a more sincere point of view than what current employees could partake in other reviews, making exit interview feedback an extraordinary chance to distinguish trouble spots. You can utilize the information to direct future practices and make upgrades. Making moves, for example, training managers or modifying the enlisting system, can be ventures toward expanding employee fulfillment and moderating turnover rates.

An HR representative ought to direct exit interviews. The objective is to get to the employee’s most fair and upfront bits of knowledge, both positive and negative. This is more averse to occur in the event that they are addressing their manager. All things being equal, they need an impartial outsider who is focused on classification.

Exit interviews additionally give a road to people to have a conclusion. They leave their job feeling appreciated and with the liberating sensation that comes from expressing previously unvoiced sentiments and concerns. Departing optimistically motivates former employees to regard and commend the association, upgrading your status as a business.

Why is there a need for an exit interview template?

Following an exit interview template empowers you to capitalize on the cycle. The employee’s constructive remarks and perceptions are reported in a systematic style, and you can catch and think about information all the more strategically.

The following are four motivations behind why an exit interview template is helpful:

All appropriate points are covered

Your association can first lay out which information a withdrawing employee can give is the most worthwhile. Then you can make your exit interview template to incorporate these areas with applicable questions. For example, in the event that you disliked inner correspondence previously, you should remember a couple of questions for this subject in your exit interview.

Consistency is kept up with

Following a similar employee exit interview template each time sets the norm for your strategy and guarantees all employees are asked indistinguishable questions. This means unprejudiced nature and makes it more straightforward to see designs in accumulated information.

Discussions stay useful

An exit interview template is a manual to follow that keeps the two players on task. For example, a few interviewees will be exceptionally garrulous and expressive with their sentiments, which can derail the conversation from relevant topics. A template centers the discussion as opposed to permitting profound discussions or irrelevant digressions to dominate.

Employees are prepared

An exit interview template furnishes the interviewee with a rundown of questions ahead of time. The employee will know what’s in store and have the chance to think about their responses.

Preparation creates more wise feedback than if the employee needs to answer all things being equal.

Exit interview template: The Different Types

Companies can leverage an exit interview template in two different types. Firstly, you may ask questions verbally, which you prepare for the face-to-face interviews with the leaving employees, or leverage a written form that the concerned employee can fill out.

Further, you may integrate these two methods where an employee fills a form first and then appear for the face-to-face interview.

Any exit interview template ought to incorporate questions that cover these five classifications:

  • Purposes behind leaving
  • Job conditions
  • Organization culture
  • Work environment
  • Technology

You ought to fit the exit interview template to your association’s novel requirements, yet here are explanations of the two techniques with test questions to consider.

Exit interview template: Verbal Questions

An HR professional leverages such an exit interview template when preparing for face-to-face interviews with all those workers who wish to have an exit. It ordinarily comprises of open-ended questions that can incite a discussion.

What were the reasons for you to hunt for a new opportunity, and what point triggered you to leave?

They might have a single or maybe various reasons to look for a job switch and leave this company. For instance, one more organization with promising open doors might have recruited them, or perhaps they wanted a more limited commute, better compensation, benefits, or another expert challenge. Toxic work culture, environment, and bigotry could be primary reasons for the same.

As you accumulate information from additional individuals over the long run, you might distinguish normal topics of genuine worries. These experiences can distinguish areas where the association needs to create as a business.

How satisfied are you with the job? Did it live up to your expectations and hopes? Kindly answer with reason.

This question is particularly significant in the event that you have a high turnover rate for fresh recruits (those leaving inside their first year). Furthermore, responses can suggest how well your job notices, interview cycle, and job direction give a practical job preview.

Kindly provide your point of view on the relationship between your manager and you.

Such questions always ensure that the HR professional has enough reasons to conduct an interview. Individuals should have the option to talk freely on this matter to acquire a genuine understanding of how different supervisors connect with their employees. In addition, it can uncover who your best management models are or whether there are leadership issues to face.

Is it safe to say that you were aware of the job objectives and targets?

Objectives and goals persuade employees to assume a crucial part in accomplishing the association’s primary goal. How much employees feel associated with this demonstrates how well management is finishing the organization’s strategic plan.

Kindly explain the best and most horrendously terrible parts of your job.

Every individual has preferences that influence why they appreciate or despise different parts of a job so that you will get an assortment of thoughts. Be that as it may, you might see patterns as you aggregate responses over the long run. Subsequently, you ought to either highlight or alter areas that stick out. For example, there can be instances when employees find their job roles and responsibilities admiringly boring. So, in such cases, you must leverage various job design strategies to ensure it becomes motivating and challenging. You may even use the answers to this question better to portray the realities of this job post with candidates.

Did you experience constant support and constructive feedback that could help uplift your performance?

Employees need to realize that their managers need to help them develop and improve their abilities. Whether they feel supported in their advancement influences their job fulfillment. You can utilize the responses to develop your performance management process further.

Can you elaborate on the company culture and environment?

This feedback can uncover repeating subjects in how employees view the organization. For example, you might reveal a few shortcomings of the culture that you should address. Then again, you can discover the qualities and benefits of those while selecting new employees.

How would you judge the leadership and decision-making style of the company?

Employees shape their view of management by what basic they feel in decisions that mean for their job or work environment. In the event that pioneers put forth boundaries utilizing employee input, the workers are more adept at feeling associated with and supportive of management.

In your opinion, did the company value and respect you and your efforts?

Associations that perceive and value employees see better commitment and efficiency. An exit interview can gauge your efforts and work proficiency in this area.

Is it likely for you to recommend the company to any job seeker? Kindly explain your response with a reason.

Former employees will either help or block a business’ standing. Job-searchers are leaned to entrust the assessments of someone with first-hand experience at an organization. Suppose an employee shows that they wouldn’t encourage others to work for the association. Should you find such cases, it’s vital that you carefully study their responses to the subsequent questions of the exit interview.

Can you explain the best and worst parts of your work environment?

How individuals feel about their workspace can impact their general joy and commitment. Something as straightforward as a guest plan can influence employees on an everyday premise. You ought to consider reasonable issues raised in exit interviews. They might try and have straightforward solutions.

Did you have the gear and technology you expected to go about your roles and responsibilities appropriately? If not, what was deficient?

Whether individuals accept they are fully prepared to take care of their business influences how they feel about it and their prosperity. If you receive proper responses to this question, you can equip your present and future employees with better tools and gadgets.

After working here for a particular period, do you have any experience to share?

The employee will probably appreciate the valuable chance to talk sincerely about a point not currently covered. What they raise might be an important issue that you’ll need to incorporate into a future modification of your exit interview questions template.

Exit interview template: Form

An exit interview template form is a questionnaire that the employee fills out. Answers are given on a rating scale or potentially multiple-choice premise. It can likewise incorporate a few open-ended questions. The information from this technique is more effectively measurable and quantifiable than what an exit interview questions template gives.

Rating scale/multiple-choice questions

Rating scale and multiple-choice studies have closed-ended questions that ask for feedback in view of pre-determined standards. Responses are given by choosing a mathematical rating or determined assessment. There may likewise be a segment where respondents have the chance to develop their answers in the most natural-sounding way for them.

Closed-ended/open-ended cross breed template

You can likewise utilize an exit interview form template that utilizes a blend of closed-ended and open-ended questions. It permits you to involve the ideal format to gather every sort of analysis you’re looking for.

To summarize

The best way to understand how your present and ex-employees view your company, an exit interview is the best solution because it gives you a ton of details, thereby increasing awareness. So, to ensure your exit interviews are no-brainer and smooth, an exit interview template is a must. It ensures you gather important and relevant data as per the business needs. Finally, you can utilize this data and aim at creating a better workplace and culture for the employees.

To create the ideal exit interview template for your business, look no further because Crove is here to support you. With its robust integrations, state-of-the-art features, and a robust editor, you can ensure the exit interview process is smooth and value-adding. You can check our app site and see how Crove can cater to all your individual and combined needs in an error-free and time-saving manner. Sign up now.


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