Top Software For Attorneys And Wills To Avoid Hassle- 2023

Discover the top software for attorneys and wills in 2023, including Crove, Worldox, MyCase, iManage, HoudiniEsq, and HotDocs, each offering unique features to streamline legal document generation and management, allowing law firms to efficiently connect with clients and enhance productivity.
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November 20, 2023
Top Software For Attorneys And Wills To Avoid Hassle- 2023
Top Software For Attorneys And Wills To Avoid Hassle- 2023


Find the best software for attorneys and wills in 2023 to avoid hassle. Read on to discover top options, compare features and benefits, and choose the right solution for your needs.

In this latest technological world, we usually used to rely on different technology and tools for so many functions and chores in our day-to-day lives. Artificial Intelligence enabled robotic process automation is also relieving us from office workload by performing various labour-intensive, rule, and repetitive tasks as well. Furthermore, a new trend that is gradually picking up is document automation. Document automation for lawyers has not yet become a necessity, but as more and more law firms nowadays use the latest technology, the demand for legal documents and software for attorneys will skyrocket. The tool helps law firms to effectively and efficiently connect with clients, generate intake materials and create pleadings with just a few clicks.

So, here are some of the top software for attorneys and wills:

1. Crove

With Crove, a software for attorneys and will document generator, now improve your client experience, keep your legal team organized, negotiate contracts and be productive.

With legal workflow automation supported by digital documents and eSignatures, it will be easier for your team to focus on the clients and be highly efficient and effective.

Crove helps to collect information and data from clients with documents that can be completed on any device. Populate collected data into customized attorneys, wills, agreements, NDAs, and some other documents.

Let your customers and team review and sign documents from the convenience of their tablet, PC or smartphone.

Using the Crove, collaborate with your coworkers on submissions and approvals so that you can meet customer requirements and needs more quickly.

With Crove, you can protect legal data with advanced security measures, which include compliance, SSL, and encryption.

Crove documents are compliant with the GDPR and the best software for attorneys. You can easily gather lots of data and generate documents for opt-ins, consent, and erasure workflows.

Crove supports integrations with lots of applications so that you can automate workflows, be more productive and eliminate data chaos.

Apart from that, one of the major features that Crove supports is the high level of support, where we offer users a high level of support. For that, all you need to do is to reach out to us at to discuss more on your document automation workflow.

We would like to go through your use cases and any of the challenges that you will be facing with document automation. And then we will take a to find out the detailed solution to all your queries, no matter how complex the workflow you would be having.

You can easily and quickly take your business to the next set of levels by improvising your team productivity because, at the time when you really use Crove, you are going to have:

  • Less human errors at the time of document generation.
  • Get highly rich pre-made templates for wills and attorneys.
  • Make a standardized document across the customers.
  • Helps to make a streamlined process to collect information and simply turn it into documents.

2. Worldox

Worldox is a popular software for attorneys and will makers. Worldox is a mature product: it’s been around and used by some law firms for over a few decades. Worldox is a powerful and capable tool that helps to integrate with Tabs3, which is a popular legal practice accounting and management application for law firms.

Worldox is server-based which means you will need to own and simply maintain an on-premise server to run it. Worldox does provide a hosted option as well, though this is not a true cloud-based application; rather, it is an application that is hosted on the desktop machine.

3. MyCase

MyCase is a tool that has already lots of law firms to easily shift to remote work during the Coronavirus pandemic. So, there is no wonder in that, MyCase is an all-in-one legal document management software for attorneys and will makers.

With the help of document management software, you don’t require to use any other software. With user collaboration, it helps to merge free data storage and easy file access. During the time of working with documents, software for attorneys can comment, edit, see the document history and share them even with the different customers. To make the needed files centralized, legal professionals can help to customize folders for specific users.

4. iManage

iManage is a software for attorneys that provides a lot of tools to help organizations generate, collaborate, manage, edit and archive documents and emails outside and inside of the office.

All of the iManage products provide a different set of tools and features for company requirements, and they all integrate seamlessly with each other.

This software for attorneys work focuses on compliant, secure, and organized filing of documents, contracts, files, video, digital assets, communications, and audio. These tools even lead to better document retention, more efficient workflows, easier retrieval and search, and more.

The administration team can build quick workflows for users to work on a project, with some of the relevant documents moving from one user to the next along the way. Users will also get notifications at the time when the document has been sent to them, and they can even send it back down the line if changes need to be made.

The version history of each and every document can be logged and saved for reference, comparison and audit. And feedback can be left on documents, which leads to smoother communication.

5. HoudiniEsq

HoudiniEsq is an excellent legal document software for attorneys and wills that helps to make life easier. This tool is available for cloud computing on the Windows and Mac systems or desktops as well. This legal tool also seamlessly helps to utilize AI to perform various functions that do not require human intervention, such as data correlation and error detection.

HoudiniEsq works on the Artificial Intelligence features to ensure privacy and security and is also very confident in its ability to keep sensitive information private and secure well.

This tool is scalable, just as big as the cloud. And this tool is also free for the lawyers with a limit on the data and document generator and also comes with free live chat support.

6. HotDocs

HotDocs is document assembly software for attorneys and wills. It is another top document software for law firms that helps to automate the generation of routine documents. This tool increases the efficiency of lawyers’ work by creating a different set of templates out of the frequently used documents like the contracts and intake forms. These templates can be created on Microsoft Word with the help of a plugin.

This tool can be integrated easily with the different business process management systems and is also good for the latest technology-oriented firms that use the content management systems or customer relationship management software; in comparison to some other tools which are available in the market, HotDocs is complicated and is suitable for the lawyers who are comfortable with scalable and complex programs.

The tool provides a free trial and costs around $25/month for one user. The tool is also available as a web application and windows application and provides integrations with Amicus Attorneys, Actionstep, Abacus, Word and LawBase.


Apart from that, there are lots of software for attorneys and wills makers. But instead of searching for more, the best way would be to use Crove as the best software for attorneys and wills and make your life easier.


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