What is Crove?

Crove, a platform driven by a love for automation, simplifies document creation and workflow by allowing easy customization and automation of various business documents without any coding.
November 20, 2023
What is Crove?
What is Crove?


Crove! Strange Word, isn’t it? But the meaning is even stranger! Crove means Crazy in love with someone or something ! We’re in love with automation.


Strange Word, isn’t it? But the meaning is even stranger!

Crove means Crazy in love with someone or something! We’re in love with automation

Have you ever listened to anyone describing their love for someone or something like this?

But We did!

How we thought of building Crove?

One fine day we had to create a bunch of repetitive proposals, and contracts and found it difficult to get editable templates that suited our needs. Because we all know creating the same documents again and again on Word is a cumbersome process.

After a few days we again had to make the same set of documents for different clients. So we had to do it all over again because WORD… as we know it!

We love automating repetitive and boring things and we only want to spend our time on things that matter in the business. Does creating and managing the same Word documents again and again matter?

Not to us and it neither should to you!

What next?

We started looking for solutions!

Did we find one?

Yes we did, but none of them were good enough to fulfill all of our requirements.

We wanted a platform where we can customize the documents and also automate our document workflow as easily as possible.

We wanted a platform where we can find templates for our use cases and can also create our own templates from scratch.

We wanted our documents to be shared as editable files and even as pdf if required.

But Unfortunately we were unable to find all of these features at one place!

So Now What?

Back to Word Files?

Certainly Not!

As we mentioned before, we were crazy in love with solving Problems!

So we Created Crove!

It is a platform that gives you power to automate complex business documents without writing any code. You can create smart templates and connect them with inbuilt crove forms or other apps to automate your documents. With it, you can:

  • Create business proposals & get them signed,
  • Send forms to collect details for generating contracts,
  • Convert PDF forms into shareable mobile-friendly forms,
  • Create monthly reports for clients & many other document automation tasks

Enough of Praising Crove!

Did you fall crazily in love with Crove already?

If yes, here’s how you can own it.

Signup today to get started with Crove!

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